Starsat Extreme 2000 New Software 2.42 Download Link

By | December 24, 2018

Starsat Extreme 2000 New Software 2.42

Starsat Extreme 2000 HD is very popular receiver nowadays with builtin company server (Forever) 15 months & 6 month appolo IPTV available with this box free. The company is mainly focused on powervu updates and performance fixes, due to this many of softwares released every month to fulfill the customer commitment with the usage of these boxes, 

The many famous packages on powervu working and change the encryption by broadcaster time by time, Starsat is quick in updating the Hashmode of powervu in their boxes, The famous packages working are Sony Network 105.5E, Ten Pak 105.5E, Sony 68.5E, Afn 9E, Sony Network 66E & many others. 

We will share the updates before the official announcement of starsat website.


New Update 2.42 Released.
Updated: 24/12/2018


Starsat Extreme 2000 Release New Update 2.42

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