SatVenus GP3 dm800se v2 OE2

SatVenus GP3 dm800se v2  OE2 Enigma2: 3.999git20130801-r9.0 Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0 Machine: Dreambox dm800sev2 Link:  MD5: 21a54200c3a2d85ea294f07b51f2ed33  SHA256: 9760d57631bbece531cd3c195a49d97042edfe76c00c6ad743 30096b4224da90 Bootlogo:SatVenus New spinner Skin:HD Glass 16 7.74 new No settings install in flash or external flash ________________________________________________________________________________ Download Software

Sat-lodge 1.1 Image for DM820

Sat-lodge 1.1 Image for  DM820 Enigma2: 4.3.1r25updated dreambox hardware driversreadline: provide our own inputrc to fix input of umlauts in remote shellsrevert framerate change introduced with 20180130 driversdropbear: forward LANG and LC_* variables from clientupdate bugfix ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Download Software

Vu+Zero 4K SatVenus Team Full Backup

SatVenus Team Full Backup Vu+Zero 4K OpenPli 6.2 ________________________________________________________________________________ EMU:Ncam_5.5Oscam Emus with PowerVU_11425Ccam_2.3.2_____________________________________________________ SKIN:Hd-glass17Pli-FullHDPli-FullNightHDPli-HDPli-HD1Pli-HD2____________________________________________________ PLUGINS:SatVenus Panel v7.0.5(update to v7.1.0)TSmedia 12.3Foreca Weather ForecastIptv Player HD 2018.06.30.02Live Football 7.1Media PortalPornHuband more….PowerVU Ok..Multistream Ok..________________________________________________________________________________ Download Software

AFN Network powervu Keys

AFN Network powervu Keys The American forces Newtork (AFN) is broadcasting by Armed forces of USA radio and television channels added in it, This network is available on many satellites including Eurobird 9E, 166E, 177W, 180E, 64.2E, 22W with lots of entertainment and informative channels included in it worldwide, We will share Powervu keys of… Read More »

All Feed Keys 7E, 10E, 16E, 21.5E, 100.5E

All Feed Keys 7E, 10E, 16E, 21.5E, 100.5E The largest satellites we all know, many events such as tennis, football, badminton, cricket, snooker, Racing and many other feed keys daily active on this satellite, We will update keys daily on this thread that are popular among and this thread will be updated daily in routine,… Read More »

Paksat All Biss Key Channels | Updated 100% working keys

Paksat All Biss Key Channels | Updated 100% working keys Paksat is located on 38E (Cband) and serving with digital tv services to Pakistan and large number of other countries with its wide beam, 90% of pakistani channels now working on paksat, News, Entertainment, Sports channels included in these channels, Most popular groups that are… Read More »

STAR SAT SR-2000 HD HYPER Receiver AUTO ROLL PowerVu Software

Hi guys welcome once again to our website and today we are sharing latest auto roll powervu key software of start sat SR-2000 HD Hyper receiver here is available trusted and tested software of Start Sat SR-2000 powervu software download this software and install it to your receiver and enjoy all powervu channels for… Read More »

Sony 105.5E working now on Starsat Extreme 2000

Sony 105.5E working now on Starsat Extreme 2000 Sony network now working on Asiasat 105.5E with starsat Extreme 2000, We will share all the information regarding this box soon on this thread, its working on software v2.31 with forever, As we know sony recently changed its encryption type hash mode to updated version and it… Read More »