Funnybox receiver Software Download

Funnybox Android Receiver Updated Software Funnybox is android + digital satellite receiver having 15 months of forever server and 6 month of apollo IPTV server. Technical specifications below Android Ver: 7.1.0 RAM: 1GB ROM: 4GB Micro SD Dedicated slot Dual Tuner SDS 15 months Forever Company Server 15 months Auto BISS update Replica of  Tiger… Read More »

The Fight Network @ Telstar 15°W EMM & ECM Powervu Key

The Fight Network @ Telstar 15°W Powervu Key Fight Sports covers and supports all premium fight related sports content from the US and abroad. available  on 15W. we will share updated powervu keys of this channels with all of you. keep visit this thread for updated keys. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Telestar 15°W 12707 H 3700 The Fight Network, 15W… Read More »

Receiver Master Codes Collection

Receiver Master Code RESET FACTORY CODENEOSAT 4620, STAR TRACK 2046, ECHOLINK 3327 & OTHER 33282778 1506 8888 99991234 8899 2733 37382738 2030 7979 99882446 2046 2024 66663328 3329 6789 37979339 9933 3399 1668RECEIVERS MASTER CODES1668 3399 9933 93391234 8899 9988 27332738 3738 2030 79792446 2046 2024 33283329 6789 3797 27781506 6666 8888 9999


TIGER_T8HIGH_CLASS_HD TIGER_T8_HIGH_CLASS_HD_V2 Tiger T3000, T3000 Extra New Software NEW SOFTWARES #TIGER_T8_HIGH_CLASS_HD RELEASED NEW SOFTWARE  V3.27 DATE: 22-02-2019 Download Software #TIGER_T8HIGH_CLASS_HD_V2  SOFTWARE  V3.27 DATE: 22-02-2019 Download Software Tiger T3000 Extra Updated Software Download Link: 22-02-2019 TIGER T3000 EXTRA UPDATE BEOUTQ Tiger T3000 New Software Download TIGER* T3000 UPDATE BEOUTQ

Mediastar X1, X2, Z1, Z2 Software Update Released

Mediastar X1, X2, Z1, Z2 Software Update Released Mediastar is very famous company in iran specially with their 4K boxes coming with Full 4K resolution supported, The Major and latest models of Mediastar are MS Diamond Z2, MS Diamond X2, MS Diamond X1 etc, The company manufacturing their boxes with builtin Forever Server included and… Read More »

Starsat Extreme 2000 New Software 2.42 Download Link

Starsat Extreme 2000 New Software 2.42 Starsat Extreme 2000 HD is very popular receiver nowadays with builtin company server (Forever) 15 months & 6 month appolo IPTV available with this box free. The company is mainly focused on powervu updates and performance fixes, due to this many of softwares released every month to fulfill the… Read More »

Laliga Santander Feeds Daily Updates 110E, 100E, 10E

Laliga is ornagized under spanish football system with men’s top football division under National Professional Football League, also known as lega de, contested with 20 teams, Known teams are Real Madrd, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, This is a big league and followed by million & billion of peoples, It is the  most professional sports league in… Read More »

World IPTV Links Daily Updated links (VLC, M3u)

World IPTV Links Daily Updated links available to watch (VLC, M3u) World Iptv Links will be updated daily on this thread to watch live tv from all over the world with vlc, ace player, The IPTV is very famous nowadays as no restrictions to watch the tv from all over the world, All you need… Read More »

Sony Network Powervu Asiasat 2019 Auto updated Key

Sony Network Powervu 2019 Auto updated Key Sony Network Asiasat 7 is most popular among satellite channels working with powervu, Due to this, this network powervu encryption is updating time by time and channels go off after every month or two, Currently this network is working with PowerVuEmu.3.0.0, Not working currently on all boxes but with time… Read More »